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Investigating Lecture Capture

November 30, 2011

We’re investigating Lecture Capture solutions. As always, my first step is to consult EDUCAUSE’s Seven Things you Should Know series here at Seven Things You Should Know about Lecture Capture. As always, EDUCAUSE’s series is a quick way to get up to speed on any technology that you are considering adopting.

Although I’ve seen Tegrity to be the biggie that everyone seems to be talking about, there are other optiosn that we are investigating:

  1. Panopto
  2. ECHO360

There are others out there, but it seems that these three are the most clean dedicated lecture capture solutions. I know that Elluminate can do it, as can DyKnow, but it seems that to use these systems as lecture capture would be a bit of a kludge, as Elluminate seems to be designed for synchronous online meetings and DyKnow as a supplement to face-to-face.

I often gather information about technologies by reading  and then bookmarking on Diigo (since Delicious seems to have gone by the wayside). This is my list on the resources I’ve garnered. Soon, I’ll turn this into a comparison chart that we can use to evaluate which solution is right for us. I’ll post it here if there is  interest.

I’ve asked this on Twitter but I’ll ask here as well: are you using lecture capture? If so, what do you know now that you wish you knew before you committed to a solution?



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