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Digital Grading – Another step toward sustainability?

December 21, 2011

At Bridgemont, we are ever more interested in sustainability. “Reduce, recycle, and reuse” is a mantra you’ll often here on our campus. Before I started working here, I thought it just a shallow belief that “if you repeat it enough, it will come true on its own.” That sounds cynical, but that’s been my experience at most workplaces that claim to care about sustainability or the environment. But here this is not just lip service. Every project or activity is examined from a sustainability perspective.

In the latest entry in Casting out Nines, a blog that discusses math, technology, and education, author Robert Talbert discusses his Experiments in digital grading. He starts addressing it from a waste-management perspective of trying to cut paper waste (as we have been doing here as well), but moves on to the pedagogical benefits. He gives feedback via video and marking up PDF’s that the students turn in.

And, most surprisingly of all, it is all done with math classes! Math professors are often among the first to be excited about he promise of technology but can get frustrated quickly with the problem of entering equations and mathematical symbols via keyboard.

Besides the sustainability issues, what other advantages do you see in grading digitally? What disadvantages have you found?

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