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Ocho is Enough?

February 10, 2012

The latest news out of the Blackboard vendor is Blackboard Learn 9, Service pack 8, which is being code-named Ocho. You can followt eh link in the previous sentence to see video previews of Ocho. (Remember that Blackboard powers eCampus, though it is a different version from the one  we use now.) This linked post describes a “more modern LMS,” customizable in all aspects, from colors to pedagogical approaches to content area. (As I have not yet seen it, I can’t comment yet.)

This article from Joshua Kim at Inside Higher Ed raises, I think, the most important questions. It asks us to take a hard look at our LMS usage and consider what is important to us before we even see Ocho. By considering these questions, we are more likely to make the right choice for our institution and for our students.

Regardless of the LMS we use, we need to keep in mind the features and instructional strategies that help students learn, regardless of LMS. That’s the focus of this article “Seven Strategies to Make Your Online Teaching Better. My favorite? #4: Give extra feedback. Then give more.

But honestly, isn’t that a good idea anyway?

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